Sunday, November 20, 2011


I was fortunate a couple of weeks ago in that some friends of mine attended a conference in Kyoto and made it their mission to bring me back some etegami cards. I now have an assortment of different cards to try and the ones I tried first are quite easy to draw on but have no real absorbency (or nijimi) so the images are more clear cut. It is fun to try with my homemade  bamboo pen which usually blobs away on the paper and is very hard to control. On these cards it behaves impeccably!

This Jacaranda card has a distinct 1930's vibe going on..what do you think dear reader?
Oh, and another attempt at Haiku.

Ah, what can I say, I have read Karl Marx (the Classic Comic edition LOL) and am persuaded that every man is worth his hire and that extends to bees too! Also, another excuse to use the bee stamp I carved.
I never fail to ponder on the labour of those little critters every time I spoon some honey on my breakfast crumpet and give thanks for their sacrifice however unwillingly made.
Speaking of thanksgiving, the Prof has gotten himself into the unenviable position of having to fly across the USA on the eve of Thanksgiving...visions of the Steve Martin, John Candy classic movie "Trains Planes and Automobiles" have been plaguing his dreams for the last week.


  1. These are lovely, you have such a delicate style. I see your note that you were away from painting for a while but these are beautiful. Also, oh my goodness, a homemade bamboo pen? You must have quite a lot of patience. Love the bees!

    I hope you are feeling better. And I really hope your Prof manages better than Steve Martin did!

  2. That bee stamp is a winner, bees are often an attractive addition.

    Sometimes the very holiday itself is a calm traveling time. Wishing the Prof the best travel.

    And very Arts and Crafts look to the Jacaranda. Beautiful.

  3. I love how I get a glimpse of your life in the southern hemisphere through your etegami. Yes, the non-nijimi cards are the best for the bamboo quill pens. But, actually, I like blotchy etegami too. :)

  4. Yes Debbie I think I like blobby best, no nijimi, where's the challenge in that?

  5. Ahhh, I just love jacarandas and this captures them perfectly. We had a tradition at Qld University that if a jacaranda flower fell on your head at exam time, it was good luck. Sadly we don't have tropical trees in Hobart.
    I do like that bee stamp. I got some of the carvable rubber and tried to emulate your efforts, but have only made a rather dodgy dog. You are so clever.

  6. Funny that Gay, there is a huge jacaranda in the main quadrangle at Sydney Uni that always blooms at exam time, I was thinking of that when I drew this one but couldn't work it into a haiku.

  7. Carole
    I love these, especially the honey. Should we be feeling guilty taking honey from the workers? A little bit... :D