Saturday, November 26, 2011

Still no nijimi.....

I am trying to get a feel for these new cards (I have lots), so I am ploughing on. I suspect that they require a more spontaneous approach (something like Shungo san's work) than my constipated style. I live in hope that something good will come out of the experiment.
To cheer myself up I have written on the gardenia card that good things are worth waiting for. I do wait all year for the gardenias to bloom and I fill the house with their heady perfume and imagine myself in different places like a seraglio or a salon or a boudoir, okay, I'll stop now!
As for the art well, still waiting,....waiting,...waiting.

I love the look of the great tousled heads of the hydrangeas and I imagine them in dialogues with each other as they droop in the heat of a warm spring day, sadly in this climate they don't last long when the real heat comes, one 40 degree day and pouff, they are burned and sad. I do love it when they survive to develop the lovely tints as the bracts toughen up in autumn.

To anyone who was wondering how the Prof's trip to the USA went, he returned unscathed on Friday night and the only delay was here in Australia, at Brisbane airport when the little Dash 8 he was to travel on was declared medically unfit and he had to wait for 4 hours after hauling himself all the way from Iowa. The cold weather in Des Moines was a bit of the shock to his system but he did Ok for an old guy :D.

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  1. Isn't it amazing how important the paper qualities are to the final effect? I think the washes of blue have come out looking very lovely, but I can see the line looks more hard than usual. What if you tried a soft pencil or Chinagraph waxy pencil line to get that softer look? Or maybe this paper would be just right for your cheeky animal studies.