Monday, October 24, 2011

Mon préféré le Français M. Pierre de Ronsard

Ah oui! My favourite Frenchman Monsieur Pierre de Ronsard.
The view from my back door.

This rose reminds me of a candy we have here called cocoanut ice, always homemade and sickly sweet but redolent of warm kitchens and motherly love. Before we became so clever  and aware, mothers would make this to be sold on 'sweet stalls' to raise money for their child's school along with the toffee that has pulled many a six year old tooth from it's roots! Now I prefer to have my sweets as 'eye candy' so I fill the garden with shamelessly romantic plants. Not for me the rigid lines and clumps of decorative grasses beloved of garden designers nowadays, our garden is high maintenance all the way and I love it.

This huge Hippeastrum is currently taking pride of place on our verandah where I can admire it as I eat 'al fresco'.


  1. Mmmm ... love your floriferous pictures, and these flowers are a treat. There's something special about pink and white. Our garden is old fashioned cottage style too and it's such a joy. Grasses and texture plants are banned! Luckily, we have loads of rain. Your lily would make a nice etegami (hint)!

  2. I can smell these roses all way to my North American home.....gorgeous....
    Sherry, who loves roses