Friday, September 30, 2011

Seems as if I'm now obsessed with bees!

After waffling on about smells and how I had a love-hate relationship with wisteria, I almost missed the flowering.
While I was in hospital a mighty wind arose and carried off all of the blossoms in one afternoon. Luckily himself was able to save me one to draw which I did before flinging it in the rubbish  bin. Even the scent of one blossom was too much for a small room.
I did a version with a poem by Basho obliquely referring to wisteria but I like this wordless one better, the bees are definitely buzzing so that will do.


  1. Hi, Origame,
    Wisteria, hysteria, oh, who knows?! Please take care. Your painting is so beautiful.

  2. Hooray, you're back! What a visual feast. This one is definitely my favourite - totally, absolutely gorgeous. I saw the bees and thought, "is that a stamp?" What is this new material you found for making stamps?? And how do you ink them up? They look very lively.

  3. Hi Gay, I bought the polymer rubber carving medium at a local art supply store (Eckersleys..don't know if they are in Tassie). You find it in the linocutting section. Ordinary old cheap rubbers (erasers for you Americans!) are good to practise on.
    I started out using the cheap ones from the $2 Shop. Speedball tools are good for the actual carving and I have just been using a regular stamp pad. the red ones use that chinese paste I use for my 'chop'.
    Thanks for the kind words Sadami and Gay, keeps me going!