Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Nothing to paint but radishes...

Apologies to Basho but at the moment there is a profusion of things to paint in my garden and these radishes stood out. Fresh, succulent and tasty, they reminded me of the tale of Peter Rabbit. Peter gorges on vegetables from Mr MacGregor's garden and winds up feeling a little ill. Happily I suffered no ill effects after I ate my models, I 'canna' resist a wee radish.
Pardon the lapse into Scottish brogue, but the book I am listening to as I paint is a mammoth 'bodice ripper', "Outlander" by Diane Gabaldon, descriptive, racey and with enough Scottish history thrown in to make it a not too guilty pleasure. I have never read this genre before but I can see the appeal, pure escapism and it amazes me that I have half fallen in love with a non-existent Scot voiced by a woman! Figure that one out!
Back to real life and radishes.......

Peter Rabbit to 'Bodice Rippers' how did we get from there to here?                                                  


  1. Very nice radishes. Love the stamp too.

  2. I love Basho.....I love everything about him..and your radishes and bodice rippers and of course Peter Rabbit.
    Thank you for a fun post.
    Sherry, who wants to change her name to Basho

  3. Hi,Oregami,
    Wow, so beautiful painting! Also, it's a great, great joy to read your sophisticated humour. So nice !!!

  4. I reckon this one has the real etegami spirit ... a humble little item, beautifully observed and commemmorated. I can't eat radishes, they make me cry, but they do look great!

  5. I'm not exactly sure how we got from there to here, so you must be a very deft artist indeed. I really like the lettering you do and of course the elegant little plants.