Thursday, September 22, 2011

Art in unlikely places.

Regular readers of this blog (you know who you are) will perhaps remember that I tend to spend some time in hospital. This is such a time and I am languishing here in a nice room with nothing but time on my hands. Now the usual kinks are being ironed out, there is an opportunity to do a little work.

Unfortunately I don't have access to a scanner so visual proof of that will have to wait until I get home.
I am, however so happy to have my new wireless hotspot, so much easier to use than the dreaded 'dongle' and just as fast as the internet at home. Moreover I can connect up to 5 devices at one time! Pity I can't blog, play on the Ipad and read on the Kindle at the same time, having only the one brain cell.

I'm pleased to report that I am to have an exhibition of my etegami  in the hospital in the new year. I may have to ask my friends to contribute something to show some 'real' etegami alongside my own in order to explain the idea. A mail art call on New Year dragons might be nice.

 The other amazing bit of news is that the lady who organizes the 'Art in the Hospital' program is the wife of a friend I went to art school with many moons ago and whom I met last year not knowing who she was until today! Happy discovery as I was able to catch up with his life as even though I have followed him professionally, I had lost touch.


  1. An Etegami exhibition at the hospital sounds wonderful! It's sure to encourage people (like you and I) who spend big chunks of time there. Yes, you should definitely have a mail art call. I will start thinking of a dragon design to send you.

  2. Nice work - aren't you supposed to be resting?! Talk about using your networking opportunities! Sounds great, keep us updated when it happens!

  3. Hello! I ended up here by following the comment you left on another blog that I also found by following a comment somewhere. I suppose it's a bit old-fashioned but I still get a kick out meeting new, interesting people somewhere out in the wide world doing their thing in front of their computers while I do my thing in front of mine.

    I just came back from commenting at Gay's blog, which you recommended in an earlier post. Did you see the koala hanging upside down in the wardrobe she did? :)

    I hope you are feeling well and that you will get back to regular things soon! I just love the delicate little etegamis you make. And the cards are adorable.

  4. Hi,Origame,
    I might know the "lady" you're talking of...If so, what a small world! You and I may come across one day. Who knows! Please take care and really hope your exhibition will go well.
    Kind regards,Sadami