Saturday, September 10, 2011

A fishy tale

A sad day here at 'Casa Chaos', one of my very nicest goldfish has died, harried to death by the males in the pond trying to mate her. She was possibly egg bound and exhausted, life in the wild ain't pretty sometimes.
I did this etegami  to memorialize her. She will be missed but unfortunately because of similar shenanigans in the pond there are too many more to take her place, time to find new homes for about 100 of them I guess.

Finney, born 2007, length 20cm, bicolour, mother to many, she will be missed.

'Himself', the consummate critic says that I have anthropomorphized her, but what can I say, I really loved that fish.
In other doings I went on a tour of the artist's studios at our local community art centre today for their 'open day'.  Heavily subsidized, the studios are very sought after and the waiting list would probably get to me in the next millennium so I will just have to continue to be a 'pretend' artist without a studio.
In the main the work I saw was rather predictable,  people still doing stuff we did at art school all those years ago, I was dismayed by the number of wannabe Mark Rothkos!
Speaking of Mark Rothko, it was akin to a religious experience sitting in the room full of his paintings in the Tate Gallery in London, definitely so much more potent when seen as a suite of works in the right setting.
On a personal note, the thing I had removed from my back (was it a monkey?) turned out to be a harmless thingy, seems I am just flaking away, I could have told the doctor that!


  1. I'm so glad the "thing" turned out to be harmless! You did a beautiful job of memorializing your goldfish. :D

  2. Thanks Debbie, just be pleased for everybody that I didn't show you my scar. :)

  3. I do understand the love of a fish or a plant...I have cried over the demise of a well loved plant...

  4. Dear caring Origami,
    The painting and post are so lovely. Are you searching for a studio? I'm a NAVA member. Here's some info.
    If unsolicited advice, please disregard it.
    OK, with your cheers, I'll get on the project after this comment.
    Kind regards,Sadami

  5. RIP Finney. I understand your fondness for the girl - I have had mine for upwards of seven years and I'm very attached. Even my husband likes them, I like to believe occasionally.

    In the springtime my own fish will definitely be separated by the tank divider. Their babies are lovely but too numerous for their own good. I only have so much time and money and endurance for cleaning fish-tanks.

    Thanks for your visits to my blog - I hope you'll come back. I will continue to write updates on the fish. Your own illustrations are beautiful!

  6. Sorry to hear about Finney. It's a beautiful painting. Good luck looking for a studio. I can understand the effect of Rothko's pieces. I like them (to a certain extent).
    :) Take care, glad you found out that the thing (monkey?) was harmless.