Monday, September 5, 2011

And another thing....

Have you noticed how smells, odours,  perfumes can evoke powerful memories?  A case in point for me is the smell of wisteria which holds associations with the death of my great grandfather, a good whiff can make me nauseous. Thankfully I am able to tolerate it now that I have identified the reason, my conscious brain has taken over.
The perfume of flowers is a delight in spring  and a powerful stimulant to memory (see previous post) and the fragrance of the sweetpea is among the most delightful and evocative for me.
My friend Jan remember Jan?  (she bakes and plants her sweetpeas every St Patrick's Day). Not only does she grow a lovely simple form of the sweetpea, she cuts dozens of bunches to give away every year. Balancing on a ladder to get the topmost blooms, her dedication is awesome. The flowers are descendants of those grown by her father. I have been the lucky recipient of several bunches this year and I made this etegami to thank her.

PS any resemblance to a Georgia O'Keefe painting ( I wish) is purely accidental though they do look a little organic shall we say?


  1. Very nice. I love the subtle gradation of the pink color. Where did you get your card? It looks like it has a slight tint-- maybe cream colored? In any case, it gives the etegami a soft feel that goes well with your subject.

  2. Very sweet. Love that stamp too.