Friday, April 22, 2011

Raining etegami

What is it they say? 'It never rains but it pours'? Well after an etegami 'drought' I have managed three in two days.
It is the Easter break here and life has  wound down for most people. Good Friday is the one holiday that people seem to treat with some respect, almost all of the shops are closed and folk spend the time with their friends and family or doing etegami. LOL.
Traditionally it has been a time to tidy up around the house, do those little DIY jobs and paint sales go through the roof prior to the long weekend. In the spirit of home renovation we have decided to replace the silicon joints between the wall and our hand basins, riveting stuff eh?
Gardening and harvesting our chokos (enough for us and the neighbours) prompted the first etegami.
The wombat seemed to be  a good subject to follow in my series of Australian birds and animals, the only wombat I can see locally (they are nocturnal) is in a cage at the local wildlife park, a grumpy chap he really would not make a good substitute for the Easter bunny though I am sure a chocolate one would be better than the Easter Bilby, another Australian animal pushing for that role.

You have to admit they are pretty cute in a lumbering kind of way.
(For a good explanation of etegami go to DosankoDebbie's blog in my blog list.)


  1. I love your delicate yet fresh and vivid etegami! The wombat especially is charming..."lumbering" yet alert in your illustration. Lovely work.

    Thanks for your visit and kind comments on my blog, wishing you much creative inspiration this week!

  2. Thanks Bentobird, now if only they were edible like your creations...

  3. Dear Origa-me,
    Thank you for visiting my blog. I read through your blog from the beginning to here. I'm impressed by your enthusiasm for origami, sense of humour, optimism, deep knowledge & interest in Japanese culture. (*I love origami, too.) Etegami and cards are very lovely. Please keep up and take care well.
    Best wishes, Sadam

  4. Sadami dear, I blush! Your blog is an inspiration to me.