Saturday, April 30, 2011

Etegami, etegami, etegami...Not a Royal wedding in sight!

The mailbox has been very good to me the last few days and I have a heap of interesting stuff to show you. Before that let me say that my last etegami was a bit of a FAIL. I am still having trouble mastering the colour application using the gansai paint on what is akin to blotting paper. I  think I was displaying a fair amount of hubris when I ordered the postcards with maximum 'nijimi' or absorbency as it is probably beyond my skill level. I am pushing on though and in the interests of not posting only my successes, the above is my latest attempt which did not go so well.
Contrast that with this one from the excellent Debbie (DosankoDebbie) which arrived yesterday. Beautiful. The subject is soramame or broadbeans commonly called in Japan 'skybeans' as they have the appearance of looking skyward. Isn' the green ravishing?
Just coincidentally when in Japan five years ago I bought a set of chopstick rests that are the absolute image of these, I do like the colour.

More tomorrow on the contents of my mailbox and why I am on a government watchlist........


  1. Dear Origami,
    Your Japanese painting is lovely and sensitive. Wow, you use "Gansai"(=Japanese paints) and know a term, "nijimi"(="wet-in-wet"or"wash"). Dosanko(=made in Hokkaido)Debbie's card is so nice. "上を向いて歩こう"="Let's walk,looking upward/up a sky" often implies hope, "Don't lose heart. Cheer up!" So, I tell it to myself and sing a "Sukiyaki song" to beat a tough time(*originally, that song has that message). Life is full of joy, is my belief. Have a wonderful day!
    Cheers, Sadami

  2. Thanks Sadami...I want to eat soramame every time I see the card!

  3. I like your autumn piece. Fabulous colour.