Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cockatoo etegami and maybe a haiku?

A couple of attempts to 'capture' a Sulphur Crested white cockatoo. They always seem to herald winter to me as they are most noticeable against a dark stormy sky. Flocks of them fly over screeching in their raucous voices, announcing their presence. Sometimes it seems they just do it for the hell of it!
Cockatoos are a long lived bird and very intelligent (as birds go), it pains me to see them caged and solitary as they are very gregarious and mate for life which can be many decades long. Cockatoos are frequently inherited after they outlive their original owners. any caged bird is an abomination to me but I guess they do give the people who own them some pleasure.
The words are meant to be a haiku, a Japanese form of poetry, short, 17 syllables (in Japanese) and evocative rather than descriptive I think....a first attempt.


  1. I love these. Sulfur crested cockatoos are always so cheerful (if noisy) and I particularly like the soft palette and innocent look you've achieved. I'm not so keen on anything caged either but have lost a few cats to cars because I wouldn't shut them in (and they caught birds, oh dear). I didn't know cockies mated for life, but they sure are gregarious when they get into our nut trees!!!

  2. My auntie once had an entire redwood shingle roof chewed up by cockatoos...needless to say they were not her favourite birds.

  3. Lovely!!! Just shared on my Parrot Advocacy page: Your thoughts reflect our sentiments perfectly. Thank you!