Saturday, February 19, 2011

Whoo hoo!

Whoo hoo, new etegami paper!
My lovely friend from Japan who stayed with me this week arrived with the requested paper and presented it to me as her omiyagi(?)
100 sheets, double whoo hoo!

I asked for paper with a high nijimi rating and that is what I got. On trying it, it makes me even more in awe of Debbie's Here skill in handling this kind of paper but 100 sheets should give me plenty to practice on.
I did two paintings of the magpies who regularly visit my back verandah and get into squabbles over the left over (and sometimes not so leftover , the dog is easily intimidated) dog food.

The darker one is on my regular postcard paper  and the lighter is on the "bleedin'" new stuff lol.
I have used a favourite poem, Magpies, by Judith Wright, a very well known Australian poet as my inspiration although the Prof. thinks the second one looks more like a penguin! I have to agree with him on that.
The visit by my Japanese friend and her American friend went off well. The Prof was out of town working so he was disappointed not to see Yumi but I hope they had a good time in our sleepy little city. The beach is only 5 mins by car from our house and that was a hit, the other day they were here they went sightseeing and antiquing. It was with some trepidation that I introduced them to some fairly basic food and entertainment at the local Returned Servicemen's League club where my friends and I go to a trivia night each week (we won by the way, gloat, gloat). At least they can say they have seen 'real' Australian life.
Sadly two of our trivia team have up sticks and retired to sunny Queensland, hope you have the life you want up there guys!
The weather is stinking hot here again today, so am off to retreat to the one room we have that is airconditioned, toodeloo.


  1. I like the way your write your "g"s. I think both magpies are great. I'm not familiar with these birds, but now I'm interested in finding out more.

  2. I like both your pieces. How much fun!