Friday, March 25, 2011

Does posterity (or the internet) care?

I've thought long and hard about talking about my health issues on this blog but here goes, just for posterity! My problem for those of you who are interested, is a lung condition called bronchiectasis, (it is similar to cystic fibrosis) acquired as an infant through ingesting a mercury compound in a teething preparation. Basically my lungs cannot clear mucus and this leads to infections, lowered immunity etc.,etc.
My last stint in hospital was only seven weeks ago so I was disappointed to be back in so soon despite doing everything right
After a week in hospital on two intravenous antibiotics and one inhaled antibiotic I have been sent home on the "Out and About" program where you basically self administer the drugs. Hopefully this phase will last for a week and then life will get back to normal just doing my regular therapies and not the intravenous ones.
My day is thus...I get up in the morning to greet my  "Cough Assist", (you too could have one of these for the paltry sum of $10,000)  this is simply a vacuum cleaner for the lungs....don't even try to visualize it! My first reaction on using it was to think my lungs might be sucked out into the tube LOL.

Then I nebulize an antibiotic and hypertonic saline separately, that takes about 40 minutes, I do this at least three times a day.
The next step three times a day is to give myself a bolus or 'push' of antibiotic into the vein (more about that later, you still with me?) and following that I have puffers (2) and nasal sprays (2). PHEW! I' m getting exhausted just writing about it.

Then comes the big daddy, once a day I change the 'Baxter bottle" which contains the third antibiotic in an infusion into the vein near my heart. Fortunately for the last  5 years I have had an implanted device that allows direct access to my veins as there was no more easy access to be had. The aforementioned bolus goes into this line as well.
Okay so that's my life at the present. The other issue is to try to regain a bit of fitness after lolling around for weeks but that will come slowly. Strangely I remain cheerful and I count my blessings every day. (Pollyanna!).
PS Just be pleased I didn't have a colonoscopy.


  1. Good grief! I had sensed that you weren't your normal cheerful self lately, but I didn't realize... Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks Debbie, life's rich tapestry eh? A stint in hospital makes you feel tha t compared to many others you are OKAY!

  3. Gee, wow. Sorry to hear about your condition. Yes, cheerful is the way to be. Take care, Ev.

  4. Dear Origame,
    I'm happy to know the condition never beats you. Your motto works out!! I have a regular treatment at hospital, but quite cheerful like you. Let us enjoy life fully!!!
    Cheers, Sadami