Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hot in the city

Yup, it's summer alright, 38 celcius and humid. Unfortunately we are having minor power outages and although I try to keep aircon use to a minimum, these last few days it has been just awful when the electrickery goes out and you sit here in a ball of sweat wondering how you managed in the 'good old days' without it.
I wanted to post some pics of the earrings and brooches I made from origami cranes for the nurses and physios who were so nice to me in hospital. I usually just leave a thank you card but this time I wanted to do a little more and make it a fun thing.

Unfortunately the pictures are a mite fuzzy but I am posting them anyway, my hands are a bit shaky and I was too hot to get out the tripod!
I made twenty pairs of the earrings and now friends of friends etc are wanting to actually buy some so I have a little project to keep me busy while I am stuck inside with cabin fever.
Further to my posts on good neighbours, my friend Jan ( you remember Jan, she bakes) invited me to dinner last night (the Prof is out of town) and we had a lovely cool salad after which we were both soundly beaten at cards (Skip-bo) by her 94 year old mother who is as sharp as a tack and more than a little competitive!
Came home, bunked down in the living room with the aircon on and finally got to sleep at 2am.
Told you my life was exciting!


  1. What a sweet idea to give origami gifts to your "nurses and physios." I wish I had done that.

    In earlier days a certain class of people in Japan were known for giving extravagant gifts and trying to obligate the doctors to treat their sick family members with better care than the other patients received. So now gift-giving is looked upon with some suspicion.

    I tried taking a box of homemade cookies to the nurses in my ward many years ago, and noticed they left it out on the counter for the patients and their guests. I gave up after that.

  2. :) I love those earrings. Very thoughtful of you. Take care, Ev