Monday, February 7, 2011

Back in the saddle again,

Yup, the old nag threw me there for a while but I decided to get back into the "etegami thing" as my nearest and dearest like to describe my foray into the inscrutable Japanese art of etegami.
I am having so much fun interacting (a la Marcel Marceau) with  Japanese bloggers who have kindly welcomed me as an aspiring postcard wannabe  that I have been neglecting to actually DO any!
So here is the latest , a pretty commonplace subject I guess but dragonflies do say summer to me and we are blessed with many of these gaudy visitors to our pond at the moment...they are loving the hot weather. I tried drawing this one with a wooden skewer, it doesn't have that lovely hesitant line that a brush held in the correct way gives but I did want to get the detail of the wings.
BTW the blessed cool change came through here last night and at last a good night's sleep!


  1. Thanks Debbie, one word from you and I have delusions of adequacy LOL!
    Senior, I used a bamboo cooking skewer, like yakitori.