Thursday, February 10, 2011

Why do we love new shoes?

After wearing slippers in the hospital for two weeks it was a relief to get back into shoes mean freedom, freedom to walk wherever you want not hooked up to an IV pole, freedom to dress up a little, freedom to stomp around in the garden...freedom!
Better than all of that is NEW shoes. My first foray into a mega shopping centre (Mall) in 18 months left me a little shell shocked but I was able to gather my wits enough to buy not one but two pairs of redd-ish sandals. Not only are they mega comfortable Joseph Seibel brand they were almost half price! Why not buy two? The Prof left me to decide between two pairs and as a throwaway line he said "get both" can a girl resist? Now what to wear with pinkish red sandals? Decisions......


  1. I love your shoes! I love comfy shoes, and those look comfy and very pretty. Red - I love the colour.