Thursday, October 7, 2010

My new obsession.

You guessed it! Cicadas!
A few pics of my wall to show the hanging vases I got last week. They are copies made with moulds from the south of France where the vases are positioned near the front door and filled with lavender as a welcoming sign. A very crafty lady here in the Hunter Valley of NSW  makes them.
I have one large green one and two small white ones (I couldn't make up my mind!).
Some of my friends don't get it. I guess my relationship with cicadas is a bit love/hate really as I suffer from very bad (Medication induced) tinnitus which sounds like cicadas, so in one way for me it is Summer all year! Ya gotta laugh.

Here is the large one (with fresh picked lavender) in the little 'tokonoma' (?) beside my door.

These are the smaller ones. I think they have a lovely Deco feel, but some of my friends just say"ALIEN" and run away screaming.


  1. Those cicada vases are JUST TOO COOL FOR WORDS! I like the green one better than the pure white ones.

    (I have terrible tinnitus too-- though I'm not sure of the cause. BTW, I just noticed the feedback you posted on Etsy. You are too kind!)

  2. Hi Carole
    I like the black and white deco pieces in the first photo - baseball bats and beach ball?

    ps. Thanks for helping me id the flower.

    Hope you are having a nice weekend, Evelyn