Thursday, October 14, 2010

Learning to Photoshop Grrr!

Sounds harmless, learning to Photoshop, just like shopping right? You stroll down the aisles picking up what you want, putting it in your cart? Wrong, it is mind blindingly frustrating and tearmaking when you have never used computers much in the past. Who knew that you had to "RASTERIZE" a layer before you can overlay another one????What is rasterize anyway? It's all Greek to me.
I did finally muddle through the process of making a banner for my Etsy shop (which remains empty, I still have to tackle the problem of postal charges). My shop is at  if you are interested. Suggestions as to layout, legibility etc welcome.
To add insult to injury I wasn't able to upload the banner on my Macbook Air something to do with conflicting IP addresses with the other computers we had in the house, took all day to figure that one out with prompting from computer literate son in Singapore.
At the rate I am going hell may freeze over before I get my stuff on the net. 
To return to more pleasant things, remember my good neighbour Jan who bakes and plants her sweetpeas on St Patrick's Day? Well, Here is a bunch of said sweetpeas to be going on with. Thanks Jan.


  1. I asked my art college-educated daughter if she thought I should use Photoshop (so many illustrators seem to rely on it), and she gave me a look that said she didn't think I could learn to use it.... :(

  2. You have been 'officially patronized' something one's children do very well. :)

  3. Sorry you had computer troubles, but the banner looks good. :) Good luck with your shop.

    What a nice bunch of flowers - really happy colours.

    ps. thanks for solving the mystery of the plant with candle-like flower spikes :)