Monday, October 4, 2010

'Catnap' in situ.

As a special Birthday gift to myself I ordered an original etegami from Dosankodebbie over on Etsy and it arrived with a bonus. The  work I ordered was 'catnap' and she included a print of another work 'snapping tortoise' as a bonus because it was my sweet.
I promised Debbie I would post a picture of her work 'in situ', the photo does not do them justice, but here they are in my 'animal corner'. Tortoise will eventually hang under cat when I can get a suitable hook!
And just another picture to remind me of why I love Spring so much. The funny looking things on the ground are from our now defunct passionfruit vine, ruthlessly cut down over the weekend, never fear we have a baby vine ready to go.

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