Friday, October 29, 2010

Autumn etegami (or not?)

Finally plucked up the courage this afternoon to sully the surface of one of the etegami postcards I ordered from Japan.
I have been struggling to find a subject which would relate to Autumn even though it is Spring here.
The reason for this is a challenge on the Etegami Fun Club on Facebook  run by the inimitable Debbie (of Dosanko Debbie's Etegami blog).
Well, I came up with this image because..drumroll...the Ibis, those once majestic birds return to the parks and gardens near us in the Autumn scavenging for food and generally making a nuisance of themselves, pooing and tossing rubbish out of bins. Not only that but their white feathers are frequently dirty and disheveled, presenting a very sorry sight. A long way from their depiction in ancient Egyptian art.
Having done it the Prof has planted a worm of doubt in my brain, "A bit lateral don't you think?"(a callous almost cruel remark I thought given my artistic temperament lol)
So that is why the postcard is here and not on Facebook dear friends.
Still looking for a subject...something to do with the tv remote and football season maybe?

Edit: Okay it's now on Facebook!


  1. I'm persuaded this is an Autumn etegami. I'm learning all sorts of interesting things about Australia, thanks to you. :D

  2. Thanks Debbie, Phew...I feel like I just passed an exam :D
    My son had this to say"I like the eti-poopy thing-even if it is a bit disrespectful of the God Thoth".

  3. It is a very nice piece. I love that with just a few brushstokes, the ibis is born! Love the red stamp too.