Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween anybody?

Opinions are very divided on Halloween here in Oz. A lot of folk say it is just more American cultural imperialism...we're a bit sensitive about that (not as much as the French though).
I was struck by one correspondent to the newspaper whining (we do that a lot though we call it whingeing  lol ) about the  "stupid American custom", just an excuse for merchandising yaddah yaddah (isn't that a Seinfeld export? well wash my mouth out with soap honeychild..oops! there I go again)who (you still with me here?) signed off with 'As if', an Americanism if I ever heard one. I rest my case.
All this leads me to the fact that while we don't take it too seriously Halloween can be fun and I spent a delightful afternoon with my 12 year old granddaughter yesterday making two Halloween cakes for a family gathering in the park this evening..just a few friends and neighbours, a chance for the kids to dress up and eat too many lollies (Sweets, candy).
Here is one of them hibernating in our refrigerator waiting for it to get dark.
BTW do not be concerned about the amount of margarine in the frig! Seriously, we don't eat that much, it was for baking!
In the truly creepy spirit of Halloween, I will leave you with a picture of this dessicated fruit bat I found in the park yesterday...coincidence or be the judge. Creepy.


  1. I'm technically an American, and I choose not to celebrate Halloween, but that ADORE-able Bat Cake (not the real bat) almost makes me want to change my mind... :p

  2. Whoa! I just got back from three weeks travel in the USA (I have about a million photos of pumpkins - who knew there could be so MANY varieties? They sell these little tiny gourds and pumpkins of every possible shape and colour for people to make their Halloween displays. Gorgeous.) We managed to catch a few Halloween festivals and I learnt a bit more about the whole thing. Originally, it's from Scotland I believe, and celebrates All Hallows Eve. Anyhow, I decided it was all a Good Thing having seen it for myself, and I love your Batcake. I have no sympathy for fruitbats, they bite one pawpaw and come back and bite another and keep you awake all night with their squealing!

  3. Your cake looks gorgeous. Thanks for visiting my blog & leaving a comment. Many years ago I was in the USA at halloween [before it became popular in the UK] & thought I had better get lots of sweets for the kiddies coming round... I didn't see anyone! When I was young [many moons ago] more fuss was made of bonfire night Nov 5th & 'mischievous night' when kids played pranks on people.

  4. Those 2 last photos are not so nice... but I do like you cake in the fridge - chocolate?