Thursday, April 8, 2010

Old and Demanding

No, that does not refer to me but to our 17 year old silkie terrier TJ.
Seventeen years of pampering has created a monster. Blind deaf and very, very demanding. The worst of it is that he lives on our bed and refuses to be anywhere else, this means every couple of hours or so he has to be taken out for toilet breaks, food, drinks and then sometimes he just wants company! He is barking as I type. Sometimes it is a guessing game, what the hell does he want now? The extra laundry is a bit of a burden, even clean dogs smell like dogs so sheets have to be changed almost daily, why did I let this happen?  TOO SOFT! Many of my pioneering ancestors are no doubt spinning in their graves, to them dogs were chained up outside and and thrown a bone every now and then.
Why, why ,why do we put up with it?  It must be love. A sobering footnote is that dogs have been known to live into their twenties. I may go barking mad before then.

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