Monday, April 12, 2010

Garden renovation

It is almost 5 years since we put in our pond and apart from a disastrous flood back in'07 when we lost all but 9 of our goldfish, things have gone well. A little too well actually, our libidinous fish have multiplied alarmingly and I now have about 150. Something has to be done about their numbers or the whole thing will crash. The plants however have loved all of that extra fish poo and have grown amazingly well.
Sadly though, the  lovely piece of wood that  was edging the side of the pond has succumbed to rot and had to be replaced so that is the current project. Apart from finding muscles that haven't been used in a long time, things are going well. luckily  one part of the team isn't too fussed about straight lines and as it is based on a Japanesy style of garden, a little 'informality' is ok. However it is a constant  struggle for 'himself' to loosen up as he wants to go with the neat edge approach every time. The result is usually a compromise although he would say that I always win.
Shall post a 'work in progress' pic. soon but the real results won't be until spring when the pavers and stepping stones are filled in with greenery.

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