Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ahh sweet autumn

Sweet autumn's bounty. The last pickings from our persimmon tree, sweet and luscious fruit with that amazing gelatinous mouth feel.
This variety unlike older ones can be eaten slightly underripe without leaving a furry feeling in your mouth, similar to a raw quince...don't get me started on quinces, lovely lovely fruit cooked with a little sugar to a perfect purpleuosness. Very hard to buy unless you grow your own.
The grubs love our persimmons as well but we pay them no heed and simply cut out the bad bits, spraying the tree for fruit fly is a bit futile in this area as there is a huge reservoir of fruit for them to eat year round in the large ficus trees in the park opposite our house. The flying foxes wheel in every night to feast on the hard dry little figs, but please God they don't make the park their roosting place............bat poo is not good.
We often sit out for the evening show as they fly in, it's Halloween every night. Drives our two dogs crazy.

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