Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Everybody needs good neighbours.....

This is the story of my good neighbour Jan.
She is loyal, she is trustworthy, she is a ball of energy and she BAKES!
Happily she bakes a lot and and not only that she won't eat day old cake. This leaves me in the envious position of having supper left outside my door quite often. Luckily I am trying to put on weight (I know, I know) so this is not a bad thing.
Not only do I get all of this yummy stuff, it is often themed as well, green lamingtons for St Patricks Day (that's the day Jan plants her sweet peas) and pink ones for Valentine's Day.
Pictured above is the latest offering (minus the little bit I tasted!) Thanks Jan it was scrummy.

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  1. Is that almond pastry? Hmmm . . .love it! Thanks for stopping by and commenting at twelve crafts till Christmas!