Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Life is full

of disappointments but it's a well known fact that crying won't make things better. Boo Hoo.
The big disappointment for me this year is that the trip to Japan we had planned with our son has had to be cancelled. Our aim was to follow the cherry blossoms on a part of their march up the islands of Japan traveling on the wonderful Shinkansen network and perhaps meeting some of my etegami friends .
But as the words on my card say, the cherry blossoms will be there next year and maybe, just maybe I will have a miracle cure or a new set of lungs.
I feel rather like kids who got one of those Tshirts that used to say "Grandma went to Hawaii and all I got was this lousy TShirt!" I didn't go to Japan and all I have to show for it is this lousy stamp!

Reminds me of the man in the old fable about the condemned man who was offered the choice of death or the task of making the King's horse talk. His reply to a question on his choice of the latter was " Who knows?  In a year , I may be dead, the King may be dead or the horse may talk!" A true optimist!


  1. so sorry for the plan. plse take care. Being optimistic or hope requires one condition ; 'trust in yourself,' in my view. it requires courage & very brave, i feel.
    the picture buk is getting into a final stage. two other publishing projects occupy me despite the hands. i thank for my existence & many supporters each every moment as i can work on my most favourite work. u, 2, plse enjoy life fully.
    xxx sadami

  2. I truely believe that nothing is impossible in this world nowadays, you will be in that cherry island at the same time next year! ����������

  3. I didn't know you were planning such a trip, but I'm devastated to hear it's been cancelled! Maybe you'll get that miracle cure or a new set of lungs. Maybe I'll get a new heart and new legs. But we have all we need to create etegami, just as we are now. The only cherry blossoms I get to see are the ones that bloom on the tree right outside the living room window. They don't bloom until mid-May.

  4. Alas! What a terrible disappointment. I do hope you can take the trip next year. I dream of doing a Japan trip too, although whether cherry blossom or autumn maples or snow would be lovelier, I'm not sure.