Thursday, March 6, 2014

Life drawing 30 years on.

Hard to believe but it is about 30 years since I joined a group to draw from the model. It was wonderful to find a happy friendly bunch who get together every Thursday morning to draw.  Met lots of potential new friends, many in my age bracket but a few still "under the limit". Another bonus was the substantial morning tea supplied all for the princely sum of $15!
Next week I hope to be brave enough and fit enough to go to an evening group, a much more "arty" set up with professional models and wine and nibbles! I was roped in for some last minute babysitting but according to the photos posted on Facebook, this week's model was a darkly handsome young guy a dead ringer for Caravaggio's model "Cecco". Male models are a rare commodity so I was sorry to have missed him.
Our model today was a lovely young woman who wore stockings and suspender belt in keeping with the theme of Cabaret. While my drawing in no way reflects the Cabaret of the pre- Hitler German era in Berlin, it was as much as I could expect after such a long absence from the easel.
I think I should adopt as my mantra the words of Dreyfus (Clouseau's superior in the Pink Panther movie, not the famous Dreyfus) "Every day and in every way I'm getting better and better". Unfortunately he was slowly going crazy so perhaps not!


  1. Carole, I am sorry to see you've been sick and hope you are feeling much better. I think if you'd only seen the Caravaggio model it would have had a good effect on your health! Lots of beautiful work done despite your illness. You put us all to shame.