Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A drawing we will go...

Hi ho the derry-o.
Yup, I have found another drawing group and went for my first ever experience of a "staged" drawing event.
Called The Drawing Room, it is a venue where models pose according to a theme, last night's theme was the work of Niki de Saint Phalle whose voluptuous nude sculptures are ubiquitous in France. Viva la France!
It was a fun night and the buxom model was channeling life on the Riviera 1950's style with a big hat and a beach ball, not to mention the gin bottle prop. Halfway through the session it was Roy Lichtenstein as the theme and the model was acting out a nightmarish version of life in the 50's as a domestic goddess complete with puffy petticoats, fluffy slippers and polka dot sundress.
As I said, a fun evening and despite the glass of wine we were offered, or maybe because of it, there were some nice drawings produced. The music playing was tailored to the era and even though the Beach Boys are not my favourites, they set the scene. All of this against a background of projected images of the artist's work. I will be going again next week as we are promised a peek into the Seraglio when a local belly dancer will model for us.
Thirty second poses.
Ten minute pose. I do think that I work better at the fast drawings and lose some of the freshness in the longer poses. Something to work towards, keeping the freshness of the 'quickies'. Apologies as I have no idea why these drawings photographed so blue as the paper is actually off white.

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