Sunday, October 14, 2012

Takin' it greasy...

Recently some of the members of the etegami Fun Club have been using a grease pencil to draw their cards. It acts as a kind of resist, the paint floating over it. Using a pencil makes drawing the image a lot more fluid and direct than the wobbly lines of the brushed on sumi ink.
I thought that I would try this method on a few different cards and the result is not too bad, satisfyingly direct and dark but it is only another weapon in the arsenal to achieve the "perfect" etegami.

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  1. Hi.. you do some lovely work.. I had never saw cards like these before.. love them
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.. you asked whether I baked the rolls in the Turbo or not.. the rolls were baked in the Turbo but the loaf of bread was baked in my small convection oven.
    Have a blessed day
    Pat aka Posh and Trendy