Friday, October 26, 2012

I'm okay, really I am.

Anyone looking at these two etegami might think that I was having a bit of a dark spot in my life, not true, it is just that having taken up the challenge to make a year of the snake etegami it just snowballed.
Then, up came Halloween so that begged this Mexican themed card.
I have always been fascinated by Memento Mori and this card which has that theme, was sparked by the gift of a skull necklace from my granddaughters when they returned from California. I made the stamps and impressed them using acrylic paint, this allowed me to colour without bleeding of the black and yellow as I am still having trouble sourcing waterproof stamppad inks.

The snake refers to new year's resolutions where we strive for perfection, hence the Enso, and inevitably fall short of the mark. Better perhaps to have more modest goals?


  1. Your momento mori is so cheerful - it really captures the day of the dead as celebration. Wonderful I think!

  2. Love the Mexican theme combined with the etegami concept - a new art movement! Thanks for the lovely styrofoam bee print - I think I understand it now and must have a try.