Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Etegami call, Year of the Snake.

Some etegami in response to Debbie's call for traditionally drawn cards to mark the year of the snake (which is coming up all too soon).
Debbie has kindly pointed out that the the characters on the first one are not correct, the last two make up one character and should be side by side. I was trying to say "Enso" which is the Japanese for circle but the word embodies much more in the world of Zen and embodies the idea of completeness. I try to allude to this idea in the others by citing the Ouroboros (a snake swallowing it's own tail) which in western iconography occupies a similar place.

The gold, traditional on New Year's etegami does not show up very well in the scans, I really like this subject, so much more fraught with meaning and lore than the wishy washy rabbit or many of the other signs of the Oriental Zodiac.

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