Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Sometimes it is hard to remain cheerful, your dog dies, your husband  takes a long business trip leaving all the domestic dross for you to sort out, not to mention the dire state of the world (can't do much about that beyond a token) but some things do cheer me up.
In my 'cabinet of curiosities' I have a tiny wooden skittles set which makes me smile every time I pass by it. My granddaughter found the set at a jumble sale and after heavy negotiating (not to say haggling) she agreed to sell it to me. She has similar tastes to me for the obscure and downright bizarre and it was quite a wrench for her to let it go. However, it's mine now (evil laugh) and I really do enjoy it more so now that I have made this stamped etegami.

The set would only originally have cost a couple of dollars but let me tell you I paid a premium to get my hands on it, that child will go far!
Unaccountable this matter of taste, something I have pondered often, thank goodness we don't all share the same likings, if so perhaps the world price of chocolate would go up, oh wait, it has!
What else can I say, "just keep smiling!"


  1. It's so sweet and upbeat. Just what I needed. :)

  2. Hi, Oregame,
    Very lovely "hanga" work!! and your so lovely post!!

  3. Haha, it's fabulous ... and congratulations about your exciting etegami train exhibition .... and I'm very sorry about your dog. This remarkable set of skittles makes me want to go on eBay (I never have yet, but there's a first time for everything!)

  4. I can see why your granddaughter would like these. What a wonderful carving! Soo cheery. Instead of cheerio it makes me want to say cheerymonkeytheretheygo, Lisa

  5. These curious fellows made me smile, as did this witty and creative post! What better antidote to the blahs than taking inspiration (whatever the source!) and making something new?

  6. It is cold and dreary at my house...your smiles made me smile. I now will be looking for skittles when I am out in the thrift shops...
    Your granddaughter has a good have a good hand!

  7. yes keep smiley!