Friday, February 10, 2012

Cherry ripe

Cherry Ripe is the name of a well known candy bar here in Oz, rumour has it that it is actually made from cherry flavoured pumpkin, cocoanut and chocolate ! Nevertheless, it tastes good and is probably as bad for you as any chocolate bar. Seeing one the other day made me think of cherries (real ones) and, wandering down the old synapses and ganglia, I stumbled over a favourite quote from a very funny lady Erma Bombeck who had a very quick wit. That led to the following etegami...Phew!, took a while but I got from there to here!
I am enjoying carving stamps at the moment and they suit the type of blank etegami cards I have (no nijimi). I still have not been able to get hold of a waterproof ink stamp pad so rather than paint them I am using coloured pencils. Shungo's lovely bamboo pen that he carved for me works very well on them too.
Don't you love the smug little smiles on those cherries?

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