Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Rain rain go away.

Summer has deserted us and La Nina, that wet, cyclic weather phenomenon has us in her thrall. The garden is sullen and prematurely aged, leaves have fallen in anticipation of an autumn which should not happen for a couple of months yet. Closets are musty, shoes sprout gardens of fungus, fruits and vegetables refuse to ripen, all in all a rather dreary season. There may yet be a burst of Indian summer which will give the coup de grace to the plants and cause a stampede to the beaches to refresh pallid people before the winter chill.
At Casa chaos, house guests have departed leaving mountains of laundry to be got dry in between downpours, clothes dryers having been shocked into silence by the receipt of our last electricity account. Even the solar cells on our roof are not enjoying the weather, production is down by at least 25%.
Thus a suitably gloomy etegami, the words are a ditty chanted by children, petulant at not being able to go out to play, I know how they feel.


  1. My daughter will be in Australia (somewhere, I don't know where) during her spring break next month. She always brings sunshine into our lives, maybe she'll bring some to your part of the country. :)

  2. Yes, rain rain go away! Sunny days to you, but I do love that wonderful umbrella and the bouncy sing song lettering!

  3. Good grief, what a lot of superb work you've done while I've been frittering away two weeks on the south coast of WA. I know this is a saddish post, but do you realise how poetic it is? 'the garden is sullen and prematurely aged' (I feel that way sometimes), 'pallid people' (aka Tasmanians). Your umbrella is a brooding reflection on mortality. Ahhh, satisfying. Embrace all aspects of life.

    1. Hi Gay, hope the break recharged your batteries, mine are being recharged at the moment via some IV antibiotics so I am 'hors de combat' for two weeks.......I knew there was a reason for all of my cogitations on the meaning of life, the universe and everything, I had a fleeting glimpse of mortality!, happy now though, who doesn't love hospital food?

    2. Oh yes, who indeed could resist it? bouncy bread rolls and mushy peas! I wish you a speedy recovery!