Thursday, December 2, 2010

There will be a short interruption to programs.............

We have (foolishly as it turns out) decided to change our internet provider and learned to our dismay that there would be a hiatus of THREE WEEKS between disconnecting from the old one and reconnecting to the new, after we had signed up.
This despite being assured by the smiling rep. from, the company that such would not be the case.I think the words seamless transition and you don't have to do a thing were uttered.
Himself is not pleased and is going around with a pained look because the company's solution to my squeals of horror was to give us an apology and free mobile broadband for the interim and it has taken us 24 hours to solve all of the problems associated with installing the software on our MACs  (OPT...oops, the company does not provide any technical support to MAC users of course).
NOT HAPPY, it is as slow as a wet week. To add insult to injury the company is now offering a download limit of ten times what we signed up for three weeks ago for less!!!!!!!!
I will leave you with this smiling face which bears no resemblance to my expression at the moment.

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