Friday, December 3, 2010

A picture postcard from Japan

Etegaminikki ( sent me this very cute card she had made in response to my email. As well as the card there was a beautiful set of calender cards , I shall think of her every time I look at them for a whole year.
Her grandchildren love Nutella and the jar she buys is made in Australia so she made this connection!
While I do not read or speak Japanese I understand she is the person who organizes to display etegami in train carriages in her region and many people submit work for her to put in.
Sounds like a fun idea and gives commuters something to look at .
Still hassling with OPTUS over the internet connection, looks like they are upgrading our package to 500 mgb but we still haven't canceled the old service...maybe this afternoon....sigh.


  1. Good grief O-m! I go away for a week to work in the studio/lab and you have done all these things including write a Jane Austen novel. Sorry to hear of your sub-OPTimal internet provider woes. I liked your story and poem of the man waving to the train. Now, I have a suggestion for you. Do you know the site Web of Whimsy? I insist that you go there and post some links to your posts especially your novel which should be continued weekly as a serial .... here is the link

  2. Cute etegami. She must have used a felt pen, or something similar, for the lines. Isn't it cool how you can use almost any materials for etegami, as long as it's a combination of image and words?

  3. Yes!etegami-train!!
    I'll show you soon.

  4. Really lovely. Kind of fun seeing Nutella in Japanese packaging :)