Friday, December 17, 2010

Lotus eaters...kindof


Every year I 'eat them with my eyes'. They are so beautiful that I feel as if I have captured a magical creature for a brief time, I could just sit and watch it for the two or so days that each bloom lasts.
My very first blog post was a photo of the lotus in bloom last February.
Christmas matters proceed apace (a snails pace) and we are just marking time 'til the arrival of our Singapore family.
Granddaughters are here for some of the holidays, we have been baking up a storm and watching movies. The baked goodies hardly make it past the kitchen door the heat makes it a different experience, baking in 30 degrees celcius and 90% humidity. Sometimes I remember the cold Christmas times in the USA when we were students there and how Christmas preparations were so elaborate . Here we are as like to put on our cozzies (swimsuits) and go to the beach for a barbeque for lunch. The Prof. however still insists on the full baked disaster, ham, pork, chicken (we don't like turkey) with all of the trimmings. Thank goodness we have been able to dispense with the plum pudding and mince pies...Our English/Irish ancestors have a lot to answer for.....I confess that although it is a lot of work and we usually sit eating it in an airconditioned room, I would miss it. Besides, we wouldn't have a few glorious days of left overs to give the cook a rest if we didn't do it!Today it was making meatballs which we had for lunch and froze some...exciting stuff!

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  1. I love these too - funnily enough, I particularly like the 'shower head' thing left behind after the flower, and I've seen them used to great effect in dried flower arrangements. Maybe a bit of ikebana???