Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dogoo (plus stamps)

Thank you to my blog buddy in Japan, 'Senior' for sending me an interesting etegami of Dogoo (I think she is a character in a popular Japanese TV show).
Also in the envelope were the name stamps for me to use on my etegami, carved by Senior as well as a blank postcard that he has made himself using plant matter to make the paper, very clever! As you can see on this postcard the paper is a very interesting texture and colour.
Thank you very much for these, I will use them on an etegami to send to you and maybe you can put it on your blog?
As usual, a misunderstanding, Dogu, which I think the TV series  (Dogoo) is loosely based on, is a warrior woman clay figurine of the Jomon period, a Japanese national treasure.
So, I looked up Wikipedia for Dogoo and in English it is Dogu also in Wikipedia ???? Thanks Senior hope that clears that up.


  1. hi Thank you
    “dogoo” is Mistake!
    japanese 土偶 Clay figure

  2. Thank you Senior, sorry, I looked up Dogoo on Wikipedia and they said she is a TV character!!!
    Maybe I will make many more mistakes but we should laugh about it Neh?

  3. I looked at wikipedia on clay
    "To mimic the human figurines were made throughout the Jomon period in Japan was made possible Sat products represent the spirit, or"