Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Gasp!!!!...draws deep breath...

Two years ago my life got busier than it has ever been. I joined a little craft collective called "Fancy That" which runs a small shop in an old department store given over to artists and craftspeople. Something had to give and that dear reader was this blog.
But, I have decided to resurrect it as a record of my time working for the shop as well as pursuing my other hobbies and obsessions.
Be warned it will mostly be photos, as a kind of new age vanity publishing I guess but at least there'll be no selfies!
Time marches on and as my GP pointed out  the other day I am in my eighth decade (thanks for that), the perfect time to indulge myself and join the "me" generation!

Playing with my hand carved stamps and acrylic paint

 Postcard sized.

Heavily influenced by the Frida Kahlo exhibition I visited this year. Always an interest of mine, Frida has become an unlikely Icon for marketers of all things vaguely to do with her life, the more palatable side!

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