Thursday, August 24, 2017

the Annual Round-up, Yee Haw!
Well another year has passed and I am reminded that this blog though not dead is sorely in need of the breath of life..
An uneventful year in many respects, it saw the closing in July of our little commercial enterprise and a longing to fill that void with something new.
That something new turned out to be a return of something old, my love of painting. Fortunately I was offered an exhibition in the corridors of our local hospital and the show was very successful with almost all of the works being sold.  The paintings and drawings  mostly chronicled a fascination with the local crows and ravens and imagining what character each could have if they were human.
I have never been guilty of anthropomorphising critters before but it worked for Disney, so Hey! 
A follow up mini Pop Up shop of my crafty wares is promised for the Christmas trade so I am not really idle.
It is very difficult for me to sit still without something in my hands to work on so that has been a godsend.
I'll leave with a few images of some of the works which were in the exhibition.

 Dr X.
 The scholar.
 Don't complain to me.
 Time is the enemy.
 Memento Mori.
 The sleep doctor I.
" Nevermore"
 The consultant.
 I had a dream nurse.
 The Cardiologist
 The sleep doctor II.
Until next year?

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  1. Would you believe we have the same motto???? Also, I stalked your blog.