Thursday, February 27, 2014

Life, and the things that happen in between...

After an unwelcome hiatus of two weeks I am home again to my snug little nest by the harbour. Life seems to have gone on without me, can it be true that when I am gone for good that it will continue as before? I hope so but I will certainly miss it!
Tidying up a few loose ends from the hospital stay I want to put it on record that the Devil did not find me lolling about as I took with me plenty of  crafty stuff to keep my hands from idleness....the brain you ask? Well that is another thing entirely!
My last day of sketching the passing parade (or the walking wounded) saw me in my usual niche by the bus stop studying the folk patiently waiting, some stayed long enough to study, others were gone in a blink. I like the old bloke top left, an elderly volunteer helping "oldies" much younger than himself onto the bus.

Note to self: do not buy A4 sketchbooks, the pages don't fit in my scanner.
Activity #2, sewing little birdies from a Japanese pattern in chirimen silk, these will make a nice addition to my Christmas tree...all six of them.
Activity #3, making teeny tiny origami cranes to fit in empty medication bottles. I did at least 100 in various sizes, the nurses were having fun collecting the used antibiotic vials for me to use. The ward took on the appearance of a recycling centre there for a while.  Everyone went home with at least one and I have heaps more. Perhaps a future exhibition in the hospital on the theme of "Hope in a Bottle" or even "Science and Superstition"?
Lastly but even more mindlessly time wasting, strings of origami cranes.....
Not to mention the origami puffy stars!
And..."drum Roll".... approximately 50 hours of listening to audiobooks. As will be bleedingly obvious it will take me a little time to re-adjust to civilization but toilets need to be cleaned, meals prepared and the whole lovely hum drum of daily life to be enjoyed!


  1. Such clever hands and inspired mind you have! Beautiful birds! And what a great idea to make and give away those bird-in-a-bottles!

  2. Finally can't help hands up: Admire you!!! after being a follower for years. You have such beautiful, inspired personality and wonderful hands.