Sunday, February 3, 2013

These beans are not for throwing!

This season in Japan is called Setsubun and householders traditionally throw roasted soybeans across their doorstep in order to scare away monsters and the ill fortune that may have accumulated over the previous year. It also marks the day before the official start to spring but here we are going into autumn and my soybeans are  ripening into yummy crunchy edamame my favourite part of a Japanese meal. I certainly won't be throwing them anywhere but down my greedy throat!
Wild wet weather has almost destroyed the veggie garden so today is a day of cleaning up and replanting for the winter season, I'm thinking nice sweet round Japanese turnips, heaps of coriander (cilantro) and nice tender "pick as you go" lettuce.

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  1. Hi, Oregame,
    Brilliant etegami!! Thank you! I could remember Setsubun. Oh, my, I totoally forgot it this year and thought of "hinamatsuri" (too early!). Please upload beautiful Japanese stuff.
    Best wishes, Sadami