Monday, January 28, 2013

A short break

in transmission (laziness) and a short break in Sydney explain my absence from blogging.
I find it awfully dispiriting and engendering of a nasty shade of green around my gills when I open up a blog to be confronted with "the reason I haven't been blogging is..." and  it goes on to describe their journey from the base camp at Everest to the summit or a fabulous holiday in some previously unspoiled corner of the earth (until they arrived with a hoard of other tourists). Well dear folks, I too have been on a fabulous short break! Two glorious days in Sydney sharing a hotel with our overseas based son and taking in the best of dining and sightseeing Sydney offers.
Our hotel was the fabulous Park Hyatt which is situated almost underneath the Sydney Harbour Bridge and which gives fabulous views of the harbour and the Opera House across the water.
Australia day on the harbour was wonderful and the crowds of people were well behaved and enjoying the sunshine. We hopped on a ferryboat and for the princely sum of $2.50 each (Seniors discount, the only consolation for growing old) were in the thick of the activity, tall ships, ferryboat races and the enormous flotilla out that day.
 At Rockpool. Happy face!
 Our room at the Park Hyatt (can you tell I was impressed? that is the biggest bed I have ever seen!)
 How I felt about my holiday (the entrance to Luna Park).
 A sentimental response to seeing my old "stamping ground". An etegami of the Opera House.

The high point of the trip was eating at the three hatted Rockpool restaurant, truly beautifully presented  memorable food but being nouvelle cuisine it did leave us space in our tummies for a sneaky ice cream on the way back to the hotel. Yum Cha lunch on Saturday was a world away from the quiet ambience of the Rockpool but we gorged ourselves on chicken's feet and wonton, to some ill effect I must confess but it was simply lovely going down! 
The rains have come since we returned home and our thoughts turn to the disastrous flood we suffered in 2007 so we are wishing hard that the rain eases and we can relax again, life is back to nearly normal!


  1. Sounds like it was a WONderful break and I'm happy for you. I'm most impressed with the meals you describe. (drool)

    1. Debbie, I loved the posh restaurant but
      I now know why rich folk are so thin! The portions were minuscule.

  2. Wow, Oregame,
    You look really nice and happy! We have to get together next time when you come to Sydney!!!
    Best wishes, Sadami

    1. Great idea Sadami, when you arenotso busy?

  3. Rockpool swoon! I want to know exactly what you had! I did notice the scale. Thinking that either you were very tiny or that the plates were very big and love your Opera House. Stay safe from fire and flood!

  4. Very big plate.
    Appetizer crab souffle (it was fluffy, don't know what they did to it!)with fresh ginger.
    First course goats cheese lasagna with thyme oi and burnt and white leek with balsamic.
    Second rolled lamb saddle, celery, wheat infused soybeand with tea smoked mussels.
    Petit fours with coffee.
    The meal was served with a delicious in house sourdough loaf which even our carb avoiding son ate.
    An experience!

  5. Thanks for sharing the menu. It all sounds delicious. I feel vicariously pampered.

  6. Alas for the rain. But it sounds like a lovely trip and a great experience! Gosh, I wonder how you fluff crab?
    I promise I will NEVER say I haven't been blogging because I was at Everest Base Camp. More likely boot camp.