Sunday, February 17, 2013

I have recovered...

from the Haggis well enough to tell the tale.
IT wasn't as bad as I thought it would be (sheep's gizzards and various spare bits, mixed up with a fair amount of fat and oatmeal served with mashed 'tatties and neeps, that's turnip for you ignorant folk) but the fun thing was the ceremony surrounding it. Our host played a video of himself giving the "Address to the haggis" at a Burns night ("Oh Prince of Puddins" was about all I could decipher from the Scots brogue) . The haggis itself is rather gluey and I could imagine it stickin' to yer rrrribs on a cold Highland moor, being served up in the middle of an Aussie summer was possibly not fair to the Haggis. After the meal we kicked back with a wee glass in our hands and watched a video of The Highlander, well, anything with Liam Neeson is okay by me.
A quiet afternoon and some etegami making, still a little bit infatuated with making stamps,( not always successfully) I do like the dog though.

There are at least three other people in our etegami clique who are as besotted by dogs as I am.
I have been listening to songs from my youth and this one "Vincent" by Don Mclean is just about my favourite of all time. Anything by Carol King comes a close second.
A stamped version.


  1. Four people! I particularly like Bostons, as well as pugs. ;)

    My first haggis experience was in Japan, on the night of the Fukushima earthquake. Until we got to our Scottish friend's place, we'd had no inkling of what had happened eastwards of us. Though the fire department on tsunami watch at the harbour should have given it away... I liked haggis well enough but the dessert also involved oats and we were stuffed by then!

    1. Wow Lisa, memorable dinner. The earth didn't move for ours but it did also include a dessert made with toasted oatmeal,berries, liquer and whipped cream. BTW,Welcome to the dog lover's clique.