Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fast forward......a flock of cranes.

Just a note of record, my last post was about being home from hospital, well, that didn't last long, I am back in as of last Saturday.
Seems I picked up another hospital acquired infection in my ratty lungs while I was here before. Not something that bothers the general population but boy it is bothering me!
Consequently, not much happening on the creative front though I do continue on with my origami crane project. For the last several hundred hospital admissions I have been using my dinner menu printouts to make cranes. These are now numbering in their  hundreds and are destined to accompany me to Valhalla on my final journey.  (I gave up on the 'thousand cranes will cure you' thing a long time ago).
It is almost becoming like OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) and any bit of white paper that comes under my hands becomes a crane. A friend explained that it is only OCD if you dread bad consequences if you don't do something. DUH! I figure that while I am making the cranes I am still here.....death does seem like a bad consequence to me.
I over dramatize, my doctor is upbeat as usual, that man laughs at death (his day will come), just longing to get back to my green oasis at home and enjoy what is left of the Spring weather. 


  1. Make cranes, not war. Can't do both at once...I just learned how to fold a Hawaiian shirt from a dollar bill, myself. Still can't fold a road map.

  2. All the best Carol. Hope you can get home soon :). Take care, Evelyn

  3. Sending hugs and wellness...
    Making cranes would be lots more fun than watching t.v.....
    My husband is very good at folding butterflies....
    Hope you are home soon.
    Sherry, who loves swans

  4. Thanks for the good wishes Murr, Evelyn and Sherry, you are not wrong about the TV. I find that I am boringly predictable and have almost abandoned it in favour of online entertainments as apparently has almost everyone else.
    Murr, have you tried the shirt with tie?