Saturday, July 16, 2011

Grubs on!

Insects have been a food source for man forever and here in Australia we have the Big Daddy of yummy insects, the Witchetty grub.
Witchetty grubs are the large larvae of several types of moth found here in arid regions. The indigenous people prized them and still do in remote areas, for their high protein and delicious almond like flavour, though this may be an acquired taste! I can honestly say I have eaten one as a child and the only thing I remember was that it definitely did not taste like chicken!
So following on from a series of animals and birds that are likely to give you a nasty nip, I have made this card to put the bite back on the wildlife.

P.S. You may wonder why I ate a grub...long story but my grandfather was a bit of an eccentric for those days and believed that we could learn a lot from the aboriginal people about how to survive if we were lost in the bush, consequently I have eaten snake and kangaroo and many different types of greens picked from the bush (none of which compared in my youthful eyes to a nice home cooked meal but I bravely tried them to please my grandfather). Of course nowadays "Bush Tucker" as wild foods are called, are served in the best restaurants and are awfully trendy.


  1. I LOVE IT!! (uh...I mean the etegami, not the grub)

  2. Hi,Oregami,
    Always your posts are full of wonderful paintings, humour, love & respect for Australia. I wish I could try a grub, but hopefully, they will never be extinguished.
    Kind regards,Sadami

  3. Ah, bush tucker! I prefer emu! I really like the way you have drawn the fingers and the grub with similar indentations. Why don't you put your etegami together into a little book??? I think the Aussie animal series would sell really well.

  4. A nice piece. What a brave girl you were.