Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bad press.

One of the most dangerous animals in the bush or even the city is the fruit bat or flying fox. Don't get me wrong, he won't come after you with guns blazing, though he can scratch and bite. The danger is less obvious. Flying foxes have been in the news these last few days because  they are carriers of a deadly virus which attacks and kills horses who then pass it on to humans. Veterinarians who have attended the sick animals have died and through no fault of their own, the foxes get the blame.
Mind you, they don't enjoy a good reputation, mainly for their habit of denuding orchards, taking up residence in urban areas in large smelly, noisy communities and generally pooping where they feel like it.
Much to our dismay we have learned that FF pooh can strip  paint off a car overnight and leave a nasty tacky residue wherever it falls.
All of that said, I do enjoy the sight of them wheeling into the park across the road for their nighttime feast of fig fruits and we are occasionally able to rescue some fruit from their nightly raids on our grapevine and fruit trees. They make an awful racket in our grape trellis as they squabble over the fruit, rather like the mating shenanigans of cats, very loud. The bats sleep hanging upside down so that is why this etegami looks a little strange.

I couldn't resist posting this photo of these orphan baby flying foxes which I found on the internet. Sorry I could not find who took the photo, maybe someone will enlighten me so I can credit it?

And, as a total non sequiter.. a photo of the dinner I made last night, kind of Chinese, Japanese fusion mixed with a good deal of ineptitude (it tasted fine though).


  1. I am so impressed with your recent series of etegami. You have such fascinating animals (plants too) where you live. Is this fair to the rest of us who are stuck painting ordinary bunnies and dandelions? :p

  2. We have those too but we call them pests!
    Methinks you protest too much. In any case, your bunnies are clearly the most handsome to be seen in a whole year of bunnies!

  3. I once had a friend in Brisbane who claimed she had a pet flying fox. It used to come into her room and hang itself from a towel rail. I have always doubted this because frankly, flying foxes are smelly and it's unlikely they go anywhere near a bath or its accessories. Be that as it may, I detest them because they always bite a pawpaw, then next night, they come back and bite ANOTHER pawpaw.