Friday, July 1, 2011

Etegami Aussie animals.

I thought I would attempt a series of etegami depicting the true nature of Australian animals. It is easy to be beguiled  by the appearance of strange looking creatures, imagining them to be cute cuddly Disneyesque critters but beware of the bush!
The Big Red kangaroo or Old Man kangaroo as the males are called can stand over 6 feet tall and deliver a blow with his hind legs that can disembowel you. Another trick they have is to lure a pursuing dog or  dingo into a waterhole and drown it by using their stubby arms to hold them under.
There are some mild mannered kangaroos and wallabies who will tolerate human interaction but usually on reaching maturity they are very unpredictable and many a pet 'joey' has been released back into the bush when it turns nasty.
So here he is the biggest, meanest bloke of all 'Big Red'.


  1. What a great idea. I can't believe the depth you have captured with so few lines. Thank you for the lovely lemon etagami which came today, the soft broken quality of the line is beautiful. Have you thought of doing a little book?!

  2. Thanks Gay, don't know if I could handle fame!
    Thanks Krisztina,your comment of 'very good' makes me happy (thank goodness for google translate!).