Saturday, November 20, 2010

Taking some leave...

The world of blogs will just have to do without me for a few days, I am off to see my darling Mum who is recovering from a big operation. Luckily my two brothers have done a fabulous job between them of taking care of her in my absence but I do want to see her before she starts a further round of treatment.
She lives about 5 hours away by train so it will take me one day traveling two days there and back on Wednesday so hopefully I will be back in reasonable health and on the internet by Thursday.
It is going to be pretty scary not being connected for four whole days, not keeping up with my favourite blogs the one consolation is that I will have my new Kindle to keep me company (an early Christmas gift from my family in Singapore, nice to have a tech savvy son who wants you to have the same experiences that he has).
I'll leave a couple of pics for you to stare at and just hum a tune 'til I get back :)
This is the garden furniture that  I painted so laboriously last week, I love the black, in a funny way it kind of disappears into the background. Phew! what a job though.
This is of a sempervivum "Pacific Red Rose" which has formed this lovely fairy ring in the pot.
 And yet another attempt at etegami.
Toodelooo Chaps.


  1. Hi O-m-O-m
    Garden and new painting both look lovely. I wish you a good trip and hope your Mum is recovering well.
    I am keen to know if you like the Kindle because I'm toying with the whole e-book idea. There are no illustrations on it though, right?
    BTW what do you do with chard? We have some that came up by itself. I'm guessing it goes with fetta, like spinach.

  2. Hi i am “mangaikan”
    “nikki” is my friend i study a etegami, too

    i make the signature and seal
    will a product present your thing?

    prease get togather in my blog

  3. Lovely, lovely lovely. I enjoyed all your pics - hope your mom is doing ok.

  4. Love the pot of semps! You have a lovely garden. And your art is beautiful also!