Sunday, November 14, 2010


I have been wanting to use that word for yonks, not necessarily applying it to myself though...sigh. Just when I thought I had this etegami gig under control, this happens. Like a true poor tradesman I am now going to blame my tools! The postcards seem to eat up my sumi ink and make it  wishy washy and the water colours are bleagh!
The zucchini one gives the nod to my favourite illustrator Gay Mckinnon at Silvergum Studio. Check out her zucchini wearing a teeny weeny bikini :D. See link at right).
Gay, hope you don't mind  my etegami 'homage'?

The good thing is I am now the proud possessor of some gansai paints. I hope they will do the trick. Trouble is they are too perfect to use. Typical Japanese presentation, a symphony of colours, a Mondrian of rectangles, in short  a feast for the eyes. (have I waxed lyrical enough?)

I have recently linked up with a Japanese lady at etegaminikki (see blog links)and tried to write to her using Google translate with the usual hilarious consequences, sadly I think in the future I am  going to be like one of those readers of Playboy who 'only look at the pictures' from now on.
The neatest thing that has happened lately is that through Facebook (still not sure about FB) I have reconnected with one of the Japanese girls who lived with me in the 1990's when she was on a working holiday. I had many girls stay over 10 years but lost all of their contact details in a flood. Viva la Internet is all I can say.


  1. I received your WONderful handmade (origami) greeting card and the clever etegami submission to my Autumn mini-exhibit. I'm hoping to post them by Wednesday-- the etegami on my Etegami blog, and the greeting card on my mailart gallery blog. Thanks sooo much! :D

  2. I'm thrilled by your zucchini homage! If you hadn't complained about the colours being washed out, I wouldn't have noticed anything wrong ... the lines are not black, but it still looks good. I'm always a bit disappointed when my watercolour washes dry, as they look so much nicer all wet and shiny. Can you build up a couple of thin glazes maybe? I don't know if it would work on that paper. I want to eat that box of gansai paints.